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Mold and Mildew

Mold Around Toilet and Under Vinyl Flooring

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We have a white vinyl floor in our downstairs bathroom. It is discolored close to and around the toilet. I think there is most likely mold growing underneath the floor that is causing the discoloration. The flooring is at least twenty years old. I think the moisture in that area is caused by condensation not by a leaky toilet. We live in a high humidity area in the summer and I have challenges with both toilets (in two bathrooms) and condensation on high humid days. We are preparing to exchange the floors in both bathrooms. What kind of flooring would you recommend and what steps can I take to forbid the moisture from getting under the floor?
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20 years for vinyl is a good life span.
The wax ring could be an issue as well. Tile with the grout sealed is a good flooring. Seal the both of the toilet to the flooring with silicon sealer. Installing a humidistat on the bath fan may assist for removing humidity caused from shower condensation.

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