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Air Conditioning  327
Air Purifiers  10
Appliances  83
Audio/Video  10
Baseboards  39
Basement  39
Basement Renovating  43
Basement Waterproofing  49
Bathroom  127
Bathtubs  155
Cabinet Refinishing  10
Cabinets  83
Carpet Cleaning  36
Carpets  142
Ceilings  105
Chimneys  55
Closets  10
Computers  15
Concrete  65
Concrete Leveling and Raising  10
Condensation and Moisture  37
Construction  49
Countertops  164
Crawl Spaces  21
Decks and Patios  109
Doors  120
Driveways  20
Drywall  17
Dumpsters and Waste Disposal  10
Egress Windows  10
Electric  103
Fans  38
Fencing  15
Fireplace  133
Flooring  347
Foundation  48
Furnace  64
Furniture  30
Furniture Restoration  34
Garage Organizers  10
Garages and Garage Doors  142
Garden amd Nursery  240
Generators  10
Green Cleaning Supplies  12
Grout  74
Grout and Tile Cleaning  10
Gutters  19
Hardwood  159
Heating  55
Home Decor  57
Home Improvement Other  22
Hot Tubs  28
Insulation  193
Interior Decorating  98
Kitchens  71
Laminate  120
Landscaping  41
Lawn Care  49
Lighting  40
Linoleum  26
Mobile Homes  92
Mold and Mildew  130
Moulding  16
Paint-Painting  451
Pest Control  50
Plumbing  199
Ponds  10
Pools and Spas  66
Radon Mitigation  10
Remodeling  61
Restoration and Cleaning  10
Roofing  143
Shower  109
Siding  77
Soundproofing  27
Steps and Stairs  40
Stucco  15
Subfloors  34
Sunrooms  22
Tile  259
Toilets  117
Tools  12
Tree Care  59
Vinyl Flooring  31
Wall Beds  9
Wallpaper  55
Walls  161
Water Heaters  46
Water Treatment  10
Windows  202
Mobile Homes

Asbestos in Trailers

Were they using asbestos in trailers in the years of 1978 through 1980?
I can not be certain if asbestos panels were used during that time frame. Unless you plan to remodel by removing panels, I would not be worried if asbestos was used.

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