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Interior Decorating

Paint Walls To Tone Down Terracotta Ceramic Floor Tiles

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I have ceramic tile throughout the house. The tiles are 18` two-toned, beige and terracotta. It is the least liked item in my house. I am wanting to paint the walls so that the floors do not `jump out` at me. What colour should I be looking to achieve this look? Thank you for your assistance!
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There are two schools of thought here....you could paint the walls a muted lighter shade of the terracotta and it would blend and be more of a monochromatic scheme and not so obvious as a focal point...or if you select the beige it would be a deeper beige warm in tone and be a small more neutral, again a blend.
Another thought would be to use a two tone beige on the walls in a gradiating scheme. Again toning down the tile. Or you could do the same with the terracotta, thus using a lighter shade with a deeper shade creating monochromatic scheme and blending to the tile.
Terracotta is definitely a pop out colour so rather than trying to hide it, which you simply cannot, I would work with it and make interest and warmth with it by using what I suggested. You can also think about area rugs to perhaps cover some of it in complimenting shades.

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